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The Secret Fun Spot is a wacky site with a focus on eye-popping retro-culture imagery. It is designed by Kirk Demarais. There are two funny Flash cartoons about a boy named Flip who orders stuff out of the back of a comic book. He also takes a flashlight into a spook house called the Phantasmagoria, which is actually located in Tulsa Oklahoma at Bell's amusement park. Flip was made into a short film by spooklight productions. Then there's a crazy image of a place called the "impossible park" that includes the Mystery Monkey who will answer any of your questions with his magic eight ball. And let's not forget the many galleries of "retro-culture" including the following: Dig for Memories parts one and two, a tribute to Marvin Glass the genius toy designer, Fruitpie the magicain presents Hostess Wacky TV cards that were originally featured on the back of Twinkies boxes, 1960's bike decals, wham-o toys, Trick or treaters fromt yesteryear, tourist traps of roadside america, Gag gifts, s. s. adams pranks and gags, vintage halloween costumes" celebrity twelve inch dolls, Pirates in advertising, the virtual Hugo: Man of a thousand faces, Free monster desktop wallpaper, spooky wallpaper, dime store toys, novelties from comic book ads, and Not of this World Slurpee cups. Enjoy.